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At SEASTERS’, no matter what size you are, no matter what your skin color is, you’ll be represented, you’ll be valued and you’ll be given pride of place.
Because we care about you Bestie, it’s obvious to us to offer all of our Seasters the most beautiful clothes and swimwear.
And because we also care about the oceans and the Earth, we wanted to do it in the most sustainable way possible ! 



Hi Bestie !
Sara here, founder of SEASTERS :) 
You might wonder how it all started...
Well I've always wanted to have my own brand, especially in the swimwear industry. And I was pretty tired of seeing how a huge range of women couldn't have access to cute swimwear pieces... and then I would see them feeling bad about their bodies BECAUSE of the industry, its lack of offer and the same image they would give ! 
I'm talking small or big boobies, big or small booties, rolled or flat tummies.... 
My opinion ? All of those caracteristics are Beautiful !
And all that panic women could feel hearing the word "summer body", just needed to STOP!
So after a few years working for different brands in Paris, I decided to put all of my time and energy into one unique brand : SEASTERS 
It's just the beginning but I want you to find peace while choosing your swimsuit. 
Here you'll find high quality and cute pieces in what should be a "normal" size range (from 2XS to 5XL). And it's not all...What's more you may ask ?
Well Its all sustainable Bestie !  We love sustainability ! 
I am so happy to finally live this dream and new adventure with you ! 



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